I'm earning a Master of Science in Information at the University of Michigan, and focusing my study on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). I earned B.A. in Asian Studies and worked as a TEFL teacher for more than three years before starting graduate school.

Computers may appear to be the focus of my work, but what really interests me is people. I loved Asian Studies because it wove together politics, history, language and religious studies. It required me to empathize with others and engage with different perspectives, to vividly imagine life in other times and places, and to describe the world in new terms. I'm fascinated by people and the way they make sense of the world. I became a designer because it lets me use my natural curiosity to solve meaningful problems.

I also love traveling and immersing myself in different cultures and languages. During school I studied in Australia and Indonesia, and as a Peace Corps Volunteer I lived in Tonga for over two years. (Some of my travel photos are below.) 

My academic background, travel experience and work as a TEFL teacher have all made me a better designer. Living overseas made me appreciate how complex a basic task can be for someone new to the context. Teaching English made me attentive to the subtleties of verbal and nonverbal communication. I also learned how to break complex ideas into simple parts, and how to design activities and experiments to reveal what people know and how they think.