I help keep technology relevant, effective and enjoyable. 

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I've always enjoyed talking with people from different backgrounds and finding ways to share a laugh. My childhood was marked by interactions with people from widely different cultures, and I still to seek out these exchanges today.

Thanks to mix of curiosity and patience, I've been successful in adapting to changing and unfamiliar environments. Whether doing research in Indonesia or teaching in Tonga, I've never been afraid to leave my comfort zone and immerse myself in a new setting. 

User research is personally rewarding because it allows me to constantly learn about new professions, activities and experiences. As a user researcher I get to plan strategically, comb through data for subtle details, and then tie the insights back to a larger problem or strategy. The biggest reward, though, is knowing that I helped solve a meaningful problem or brought someone a delightful experience. (Read more about my approach to user research here.)

You can see some of my research skills and work below.


User Research

-  In-depth interviews
-  Usability testing
-  Survey design
-  AB testing
-  Heuristic Evaluation
-  Card sorting
-  User personas
-  User scenarios


-  Paper prototyping
-  Digital prototyping
        -  Sketch
        -  Invision
        -  Framer


-  Content writing
-  Data storytelling
-  Video editing
-  Audio editing
-  Public speaking


See my work: