I help make technology relevant, effective and enjoyable. 


About Me

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I love the challenge of immersing myself in new settings and turning ambiguity into insight. User research allows me to constantly learn about new professions, activities and experiences. Looking back, I realize that I've always sought out opportunities to do this, whether it's by studying in Indonesia for a year and working in a Tongan primary school.

The process and craft of research is also exciting: I enjoy planning strategically, combing through data for subtle details, and tying the insights back to a larger problem. The biggest reward, though, is knowing that I helped solve a meaningful problem or brought someone a delightful experience. (Read more about my approach to user research here.)


My work


My skills

User Research

-  In-depth interviews
-  Usability testing
-  Survey design
-  AB testing
-  Heuristic Evaluation
-  Card sorting
-  User personas
-  User scenarios


-  Paper prototyping
-  Digital prototyping
        -  Sketch
        -  Invision
        -  Framer


-  Content writing
-  Data storytelling
-  Video editing
-  Audio editing
-  Public speaking